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Dynamic granite and elegant marble effect designs create the most sublime impression for creative and luxurious projects.



Vicostone Altissimo is inspired by the beauty of natural marble, featuring small, soft, and vague veins moving throughout the slab. The gentle contrast between its thin white veins and the dark chocolate surface has made Altissimo a unique part of the Marble-look Collection.
Quartz Stone Detail Image

Jumbo size 330cm x 165cm (130” x 65”)


20mm (3/4”)
30mm (1 1/6”)



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Karacabey BQ8852

Conceptualized from a night sky that is full of kinetic white stars, Vicostone Karacabey BQ8852 pictures the celestial event on a deep black marble background.  

Tartufo BQ8863

Inspired by the concrete looking in modern designs or bold urban-industrial style, Vicostone Tartufo is even more unique with veins on the dark gray background.

Ceres BQ2609

"Inspired by marble stone, Vicsotone Ceres is even more unique with thin and thick veins on a grey marble-look background. "

Cosmic Black BQ9427

Inspired by granite’s natural charm, Vicostone Cosmic Black reinterprets the wild and free elements of the stone with a white, burnt orange and black color palette.

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