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Timeless design combined with unparalleled quality and ingenuity enables us to create unique and beautiful, Quartz stone surfaces that reflects your personality down to every last detail.

Exotic Collection

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Panda White BQ8928

Inspired by natural Panda White marble and Yin Yang theory of the East, Vicostone's Panda White features bold black veins stretching across an elegant white marble-like background creating a stunning high contrast for a daring and elevated look. Inside each black vein are soft fused white threads like the intricate balance between yin and yang.  


Covelani BQ6700

Inspired by the look and color of coastal cliffs, Vicostone Covelani BQ6700 features shades of white in swaths across the background with strong gray veins sprinkled with gold. The color contrast is remarkably smooth between layers and characteristic of natural quartzite’s beautiful depth.


Limnias BQ8819

Vicostone Limnias features Japanese Blue Veins feathered across the pure white marble-like background. Limnias follows the wellness trend of incorporating natural hues in interior design that has been popular in recent years.  


Michelangelo BQ8836

Inspired by natural Calacatta marble, Vicostone launched its Calacatta design at the Marmomacc exhibition in 2011. The design was the first engineered stone in the world to accurately capture Calacatta marble’s natural beauty in a high-grade quartz slab. The trendsetting stone features strong veins reminiscent of the millennia-old magma streams that occur in natural Calacatta marble.  


Calacatta Caldia BQ8926

Vicostone Caldia is inspired by natural Calacatta with thick soft veins in layers that dance across the whole slab creating a subtle contrast and depth. The thin, golden veins add a delicate warmth, making the product trendy and versatile with a timeless dimensional look.  


Sahara Noir BQ9700

Inspired by the natural Sahara Noir marble, Vicostone Sahara Noir has evoked the Meteor Shower over the desert scene, as often illustrated in the brushstrokes by an imaginative painter. With strong white-orange veins crossed horizontally and diagonally on the impressive black marble background, the product could be compatible with any design style.

Amarcord BQ9500

Inspired by natural Calacatta Amarcord, Vicostone Amarcord is a unique design with pure white marble background go with special pattern of strong and trendy brown-grey vein.

Arabescato BQ8912

Inspired by natural Calacatta marble, the famous Italian stone, Vicostone Arabescato has a subtle and luxurious look. Defined neutral gray veins combine with minor movement on a white background.

Natural Collection

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Elbert BQ8401

Warm-gray and light-gray veins softly mesh on a silky white marble background. The multi-layerd effect of the vein pattern inspired by natural Arabescato stone from Italy makes Vicostone Elbert BQ8401 a versatile surface for interior designs.  


Valley Green BQ2608

A member of Vicostone’s Valley Series, Valley Green is even more unique with thin sea foam green veins scattered over an off-white marble-look background


Aspen BQ8400

VICOSTONE Aspen BQ8400 weaves together layers of gold and light-gray veins resembling the look of snowy woodlands. Smooth transitions between meshes of veins inspired by natural Arabescato marble create a realistic visual depth suited for any design style.  


Delta BQ8402

Inspired by natural Arabescato stone, Vicostone Delta BQ8402 shows vivid movement between misty-gray and warm-gray veins evoking the translucent fog of hidden valleys. The soft white background provides a stylish look that brings natural design elements to interiors.


Altissimo BQ8614

Vicostone Altissimo is inspired by the beauty of natural marble, featuring small, soft, and vague veins moving throughout the slab. The gentle contrast between its thin white veins and the dark chocolate surface has made Altissimo a unique part of the Marble-look Collection.


Parsenn BQ8627

Parsenn takes inspiration from natural Calacatta marble, but slims down the veins for a chic modern look. The warm gray veins harmonize with the warm snowcap white marble-look background with scattered small gray veins that dance around.  


Delicato BQ8629

Delicato transports you to a tranquil glacial lake in the middle of winter. Meshed veins like nets of snowflakes frozen together in the layered ice surround white veins like delicate cracks in the surface.  


New Macaubus BQ8696

Inspired by the Brazilian White Macaubas quartzite famous for its stunning linear veins, Vicostone‘s New Macaubas is created with a combination of blended dark brown, blue and gray veins  the length of the slab.

Classic Collection

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Thasos BQ206

Bright white spreading through the entire slab and going together with fade vein below surface. Vicostone Thasos adds crisp and clean look to your interior design.

Quasar Light BQ100

Vicostone Quasar Light is the world’s whitest quartz. This beautiful design is even more stunning that some of the world’s most luxurious white Italian marble stone.

Artic Snow BQ200

Bright white spreading through the entire slab. Vicostone Artic Snow adds crisp and clean look to your interior design.

Onyx White BQ2088

Part of our White Stone Collection, Vicostone Onyx White features hidden bonds throughout the body of slab.

Milky white BQ201

Clean white spreading through the entire slab. Vicostone Milky White adds a fresh touch to your interior design.

Silver White BQ400

Bright white balanced with tiny earth-toned minerals for depth. Vicostone Silver White adds an exclusive touch to your interior design.

Crystal Salt BQ900

Vicostone Crystal Salt features large quartz particles that look like glass fragments. The transparent particles provide a depth that adds a unique element to its surrounding aesthetic details.

Crystal Ivory BQ850

Vicostone Crystal Ivory features large quartz particles that look like glass fragments. The transparent particles provide a depth that adds a unique element to its surrounding aesthetic details.

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