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From Vicostone’s Thunder Series, Cemento’s white lightning bolt veins pop on a dark gray background. Dramatic with modern style, it can be the centerpiece of your home design.
Quartz Stone Detail Image


Normal size 303cm x 143cm (119” x 56”)

Jumbo size 330cm x 165cm (130” x 65”)


1,2 cm (1/2 ")
2cm (3/4 ")
3 cm (1 1/6 ")



Similar quartz surfaces

Marmoris BQ6801

The product is inspired by natural Calacatta with big veins and small veins running through the whole slab, creating a visual effect that increases the depth of the product. The thin, golden gray color veins increase the overall warmness, making the product more trendy and unique.

Mangata BQ6805

Mangata entangles white layered veins and brown gold spread over a refined avorio marble-look background. It is one of our most popular designs for its elegance and natural aesthetic.

Splendix BQ9802

Inspired by natural Calacatta marble and Quartzite, Vicostone Splendix has a deep modern and luxurious look. Defined big veins combined by strong backbone and deep grid effect in a harmony combination with a deep quartzite effect background.  

Covelani BQ6700

Inspired by the look and color of coastal cliffs, Vicostone Covelani BQ6700 features shades of white in swaths across the background with strong gray veins sprinkled with gold. The color contrast is remarkably smooth between layers and characteristic of natural quartzite’s beautiful depth.

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