February 13, 2023

Through dedicated research and innovation, VICOSTONE introduces the new Meteor Series of quartz surfaces representing the glittering beauty of the galaxy. The unique set of four cosmic designs unveils a remarkable linear vein pattern that embodies 20 years of pioneering engineered stone by the manufacturer. 

Each design represents a distinct celestial vision on a black or white background perfect for sky-gazers and creative personalities. Homeowners and professionals interested in contemporary, minimalist or neoclassical interior design will find endless possibilities in the versatile and refreshing series inspired by the spectacle of meteor showers. 

Sardiana BQ8850


Inspired by galaxies and shooting stars soaring in the sky, VICOSTONE Sardiana BQ8850 interweaves gray veins with large tails on a white marble background.

Karacabey BQ8852 


Conceptualized from a night sky that is full of kinetic white stars, VICOSTONE Karacabey BQ8852 pictures the celestial event on a deep black marble background.

Sahara Noir BQ9700


Inspired by the natural Sahara Noir marble, VICOSTONE Sahara Noir has evoked the Meteor Shower over the desert scene, as often illustrated in the brushstrokes by an imaginative painter. With strong white-orange veins crossed horizontally and diagonally on the impressive black marble background, the product could be compatible with any design style.

VICOSTONE offers the latest innovation in quality and design to meet the high standards of designers, architects, and homeowners worldwide. With the Meteor Series, the beauty of the universe enters the built environment to boost imagination and push the limit to the sky. 


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