February 13, 2023

In honor of the company's 20th anniversary, VICOSTONE is pleased to present a new Ocean-inspired product line named Ultrasea Series, which continues the tale of the Water from Acqua Series.

Ocean has always been the timeless muse of any artist regarding their mystery figures and hidden charm under the surface. Inspired by various silhouettes of the marine, VICOSTONE now launches five distinctive designs from this collection which are Covelani BQ6700, Camarina BQ6701, Costa Nova BQ6702, Tyrol BQ6705, and Marino BQ6709. 

The Ultrasea Series comprises patterns with graceful and snappy veins that resemble corals and a background that mimics the characteristics of ocean floors. In addition to the new update with various types of veins, the most popular colors for interior design in the approaching years, blue and green, are chosen to be featured in VICOSTONE products.

One of the significant developments of the Ultrasea compared with Acqua Series is the lower contrast between the veins and background. Thus it could add a sense of depth to a design, increase visual interest and make your home stand out. 

Covelani BQ6700 

Inspired by the look and color of coastal cliffs, VICOSTONE Covelani BQ6700 features shades of white in swaths across the background with strong gray veins sprinkled with gold. The color contrast is remarkably smooth between layers and characteristic of natural quartzite’s beautiful depth.

Camarina BQ6701 


Layered grays create a background with depth and balance, while threads of white to dark veins create a striking mesh design with substantial visual depth. The look and complexity of VICOSTONE Camarina BQ6701 is reminiscent of Super White quartzite from Brazil, making it a bold choice for interior surfaces.

Costa Nova BQ6702 

Inspired by Taj Mahal quartzite from Brazil, VICOSTONE Costa Nova BQ6702 alludes to a relaxing sandy beach with its soft white background and delicate warm veins. A perfect way to add a pleasant aesthetic to interior spaces.

Tyrol BQ6705 

A unique design from the Ultrasea Series, VICOSTONE Tyrol BQ6705 contains waves of light-gray under the vivid movement of dark gray veins with subtle bronze edges. The design evokes cliffed coasts formed from the continuous action of the sea.

Marino BQ6709 

VICOSTONE Marino BQ6709 represents the cerulean ocean water, with marine waves in the background layered with blue veins and splashes of white and gray. A cool and unique design suited for modern and contemporary interiors.


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