Why Vicostone?

Design Advantages

VICOSTONE QUARTZ SURFACES are regarded as a compromise between luxury and practicality. Vicostone challenges the assumption with products that take both qualities to a whole new level. What make VICOSTONE different:

VICOSTONE offers more than 130 designs with wide color palette to satisfy all customers' needs

VICOSTONE heavily invests in R&D to provide the market with the most unique and innovative designs that can bring differentiation to your home

Performance Advantages


Composed about 90 percent of natural Quartz, VICOSTONE is resistant to scratch, heat, impact and the corrosive chemical agents such as: acids, common cleaning solvents. That makes VICOSTONE superior to granite and other natural stones.


Certified by NSF for food safety (ANSI 51) and certified by GreenGuard as being safe for indoor air quality of commercial and residential facilities as well as for children and schools, VICOSTONE is made to be applied in interior design, especially for kitchen applications.


VICOSTONE is stain resistant, that means you can easily clean VICOSTONE surfaces by using just a mild soap with warm water. While granite and marble will need to be resealed periodically, VICOSTONE sustains its superior features and keep your kitchen clean and safe to use.

International Trustworthy Certificates about Safety


Vicostone has been credited by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) for having surfaces safe enough for use in laboratories, healthcare facilities, and food preparation environments (ANSI 051).


All Vicostone quartz surfaces comply with American GEI (GREENGUARD Environmental Institute) certification which verifies that VICOSTONE’s products meet the most stringent indoor air emission standards. GREENGUARD Gold (Children & Schools) standard, evaluates the sensitive nature of school populations combined with the unique building characteristics found in schools, and presents the most rigorous product emissions criteria to date.


Passing Microbial resistance (D6329-98) test at the lab of Greenguard - Georgia, the VICOSTONE Quartz Surfaces products meet standards to prevent the growth of bacteria.

International Trustworthy Certificates and Membership


VICOSTONE has declared our products under LBC compliant that verified that a product complies with the Living Building Challenge Red List. Declare gives manufacturers an expanded point of entry into the most groundbreaking restorative projects in the world. Project teams pursuing the Living Building Challenge - widely accepted to be the most advanced green building standard in the world.


The CE marking highlights VICOSTONE’s commitment to providing the market very best quartz surfaces in today’s market.


VICOSTONE is member of USGBC-a non-profit organization committed to expanding sustainable building practices.

Surfaces Comparision

The following tests have been performed by Breton S.p.A, Italy showing the superior benefits of VICOSTONE compared to other surfacing materials
 Scratch Resistant  Excellent  Good  Excellent  Fair
 Stain Resistant  Excellent  Good  Good  Excellent
 Chip and Crack Resistant  Excellent  Good  Good  Excellent
 Heat and Burn Resistant  Good  Good  Good  Good
 Resistant to Household Chemicals, Acids and Solvents  Excellent  Good  Good  Excellent
 Low Maintenance  Excellent  Good  Good  Fair
 Non-absorbent and Non-porous  Excellent  Good  Good  Excellent
 Mold and Mildew Resistant  Excellent  Good  Good  Good
 Flexural Strength  Excellent  Fair  Good  Good
 Color Consistency  Excellent  Fair  Excellent  Excellent
 Immunity to Freeze and Thaw  Excellent  Excellent  Fair  Fair

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Technical Specifications

The following tests show the superior functional benefits of VICOSTONE, which make our products become the most suitable for interrior design application
 Water Absorption  ASTM C97/C97M-09:2009  0.02%
 BS EN 14617-1:2005  0.02%
 Apparent Destiny  ASTM C97 / C97M-18  2.1 - 2.3 gr/cm3
 BS EN 14617-1:2005
 Flexural Strength  ASTM C880/C880M-09:2009

 Fine and medium grain: ≥ 55 MPa

Coarse grain: ≥ 41 MPa

 BS EN 14617-2:2016

 Fine and medium grain: > 60 MPa

Coarse grain: > 40 MPa

 Compressive Strength  ASTM C170/C170M-17  Dry: ≥ 200 MPa
 BS EN 14617-15:2005  Dry: ≥ 185 MPa
Chemical Resistance ASTM C650-04:2014  Unaffected 
 BS EN 14617-10:2012  Class C4
 Dimension Stability EN 14617-12:2012
 Class A
Impact Resistance  ASTM C1870-18

 36-inch ball drop: ≤ 0.25 in

48-inch ball drop: ≤ 0.27 in

 BS EN 14617-9:2005  > 4 J 
 Abrasion Resistance  ASTM C501-84:2015  Abrasive Wear index: lw ≥ 179 
 BS EN 14617-4:2012

 Volume of chord: V ≤ 165 mm3

 Chord length: l ≤ 27 mm

 Thermal Shock Resistance  ASTM C484-99:2014  No visible damage after 10 cycles
 EN 14617-6:2012

 No visible defects after 20 cycles

Change in mass: ≤ 0.05%

Change in flexural strength: - 8.4% ÷ 5.4%

 Freeze-thaw Resistance  ASTM C1026-13:2018 

 No visible damage after 300 cycles

Wt.Loss: ≤ 0.09%

 EN 14617-5:2012

 No obvious damage after 20 cycles

KMf25 = 93 ÷ 105%

 Mohs’s Scratch Hardness  EN 101: 1991   ≥ 6
 Slip Resistance   DIN 51130:2014  R9 at Honed 400
 ASTM C1028-07

 Static coefficient of friction 

- Dry: 0.7 ÷ 0.8 (Polished/Honed finish)

- Wet: 0.5 ÷ 0.7 (Polished/Honed finish) 

 Microbial Resistance  ASTM D6329-98   Ranking 3: Resistant to Mold Growth
 Stain Resistance  ASTM C 1378-04:2014  Class A (Polished finish)
 Surface Burning  ASTM E84  Class A

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