From the Classic Collection

Based on a monothematic melody of rock, our Classic collection offers a blend of elegance and luxury for traditional or modern architectural projects.



Bright white spreading through the entire slab and going together with fade vein below surface. Vicostone Thasos adds crisp and clean look to your interior design.
Quartz Stone Detail Image


Normal size 303cm x 143cm (119” x 56”)

Jumbo size 330cm x 165cm (130” x 65”)


20mm (3/4”)
30mm (1 1/6”)



Similar quartz surfaces

Santenay BQ277

Vicostone products in Classic collection is characterized by monochromatic colors, in which the colors are neutral

Quasar Light BQ100

Vicostone Quasar Light is the world’s whitest quartz. This beautiful design is even more stunning that some of the world’s most luxurious white Italian marble stone.

Artic Snow BQ200

Bright white spreading through the entire slab. Vicostone Artic Snow adds crisp and clean look to your interior design.

Onyx White BQ2088

Part of our White Stone Collection, Vicostone Onyx White features hidden bonds throughout the body of slab.

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